Peacemakers/World Changers Cards 2018 PDF


Peacemakers/World Changers Cards 2018 PDF


New for 2018: We've replaced George Takei with legendary labor organizer Dolores Huerta.

New for 2017: We've re-designed the entire set with original art by Bronwyn Schuster and a slightly updated lineup. 

One of our favourite sets- finally, a set of Peacemakers/World Changers for the 21st century! This set features 13 people (and organizations) who have or are working to better the lives of (collectively) billions of people around the world. These people have made strides in activism for the rights of LGBT people, people of colour, the environment, children, women, and more. We are so proud and pleased to offer a set of cards appropriate for the modern classroom that feature such a diverse group of people. 

This set set can be printed and assembled as either 3 part or 4 part matching cards. 

The 15 Peacemakers or World Changers are:

Angela Davis
Anna Jarvis
Black Lives Matter
David Suzuki
Doctors without Borders
Laverne Cox
Malala Yousafzai
Maria Montessori
Mary Edwards Walker
Melinda Gates
Norman Borlaug
Pete Seeger
White Helmets
George Takei
Standing Rock Water Protectors

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