Every Star Is Different Self Care Bundle!

Y’all. You know I love Renae from Every Star is Different and the printables she makes. Well, she’s come up with a Self-Care Bundle and it’s blown me away. I was a bit skeptical when I first heard the idea because self-care is such a hands on thing- but damn, I should have just trusted she knew what she was doing because this bundle is awesome.

The Self Care Bundle is three hundred pages covering oral hygiene, dressing oneself, nutrition and more. I’m going to share a whole bunch of the different activities here for you all so you can really get what’s included and how it can be used in a home or school- and I know you’ll love it like I do. Let’s jump in with the dental care pack!

This pack is just over seventy pages and it includes a social story for going to the dentist- something I’ll be taking advantage of next month for Noora’s upcoming appointment. There are nomenclature cards that include words like saliva ejector, which is just fun to say. And take a lot at the people in this cards- the girl at the office is in hijab. There are folks of all colours in these packs, because Renae knows that representation matters. There are pages of writing strips- I like to laminate these in my own classroom and let children practice writing with dry erase markers. And there is a sorting activity for good and bad food for your teeth. And that’s not everything!! There are materials for types of teeth, brushing teeth and more.

The nutrition pack is about eighty pages and I think it’s my favourite of the bunch- it was so hard narrowing down what to show y’all from it!

There are also nomenclature cards for spices and herbs, which would be super fun to use with the actual herbs or spices in smelling jars. I sense a project coming on! There are math cards- my perennial favourite, the clip cards. These are for addition and they’re colourful and fun and a great extension for children working on memorizing their addition tables.

The pack also includes a super awesome solid/liquid match for different edible things- chocolate, for example. There’s also a lot of language materials in this set, including these amazing compound work cards for different foods. I love this material so much and it would be such fun in a classroom word study.

This isn’t even half of what’s in the set- there are sorting cards for different vitamins and minerals and what foods are good for each. There are food group cards and booklets, and an adorable plating activity to help kids plan meals that are balanced. This is the largest pack in the bundle and it alone is worth the bundle sale price!


The First Aid and Personal Hygiene packs are thirty two pages and sixteen pages, respectively. Both have lots of materials in them, including first aid kit nomenclature- my brother in law is a paramedic and I’ll be adding some of these to a toy first aid kit for my niece and nephew. There are also matching cards for injuries and treatments, as well as other materials.

The Personal Hygiene pack has sequencing cards for washing hair and hands, and I’m probably going to tape the hands cards to our bathroom mirror for a visual reminder for Noora. There are also these hilarious matching cards that Noora was laughing over today- there is an issue like messy hair or a runny nose and you have to find the card with the solution.

The Dressing Pack is AMAZING and I’ve already started setting up the materials in Noora’s room- like this amazing dressing and weather chart to help her pick her own clothing in the morning. We look at my phone’s weather app and I show her what the weather is on the control cards. I help her with the temperature (honestly she doesn’t need that yet but I like things to be complete), and then she looks for clothes cards in the basket. She so far finds it entertaining and that’s a plus for me- much less fighting over what is and is not appropriate for outdoors!

(The dressing pack also includes sequencing cards for how to tie a tie, which is my favourite thing in the entire bundle because honestly I couldn’t tie a tie before I used them. I hope all of you reading this are more functioning adult humans than I am and already know how to- but if you don’t, you too can learn!)


Finally, the Kitchen Pack is 29 pages long and there are some super fun materials in this set- but my favourite activity from it are these unique cooking verb nomenclature cards like ‘to spread’, ‘to knead’, ‘to roast’, etc., which is actually super useful vocabulary and something I wish I’d thought of!

There are also utensil three part cards, and pizza sequence cards which I think Noora will love, as well as other materials.

So there you have it, friends. I hope this has given you some tiny insights into the three hundred pages of the Self Care Bundle- it’s such a unique and interesting and straight up FUN bundle that I know everyone who gets it will love it. And right now it’s on sale for another few days only- at seventy five percent off! Which makes the entire bundle only $14.99 and honestly I’d have spent it for the tie cards. :) I’d hop on it now, pals.

Here’s the link to buy- in case you missed it the twenty bazillion times above!